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“If you have tried everything and nothing has helped – call me.”

Dr. John Bashline

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Do you suffer from any of the following ailments and disorders?

Anxiety Breathing Problems Seizures
Sinus Problems Nervousness Neck and Back Pain
Downs Syndrome Fussy Babies Hearing and Ear Problems
Balance Problems Autism Depression
Hyperactivity Dizziness TMJ (jaw) Disorders
Sleep Apnea Learning Disabilities Digestive Disorders
Scoliosis Insomnia Frequent & Chronic Headaches
Difficult Birth Babies Psychiatric Disorders Whiplash


 ... and More!

NCRP’s can produce significant and PERMANENT health benefits for you, with progress noticeable in the first treatment and continuing to accumulate with further treatments.


What are NCRP’s?

Nasal Cranial Release Procedures, (NCRP’s) are a variety of methods which utilize inflatable devices to assist the expansion and release of the cranial sutures accessed through the nasal passages.  NCRP’s include, but are not limited to endo nasal therapy, bilateral nasal specific techniques, neuro cranial restructuring, cranial facial and dural releases.


Do NCRP’s Work?

These therapies are so powerful at improving body function that people travel hundreds and sometimes thousands of miles all across the United States and countries around the World to be treated by Dr. Bashline.

Why?  The answer is simply because theses therapies make them feel better and improve body functions better than anything else.



          These non-surgical techniques have been proven safe and effective for thousands of patients


Dr. John Bashline, D.M., D.C., F.I.A.C.A., a doctor of chiropractic orthopedics and mechanotherapy since 1968, performs endo-nasal, cranial adjusting and other nasal cranial release procedures for the direct treatment of problems caused by cranial and musculoskeletal misalignment.


About Dr. John Bashline:

Dr. Bashline began his NCRP’s training in 1966, with traditional endo-nasal therapy, and holds degrees from Lincoln, Great Lakes and Los Angeles Colleges.  He is licensed in the United States in Ohio, Florida, Montana and New Jersey.  Dr. Bashline treats patients in the United States and Foreign Countries by appointment.


He is one of a handful of doctors in the United States specifically trained in Neuro-Cranial Restructuring.  Dr. Bashline combines his training with over 40 years of clinical experience in NCRP’s to treat patients with a wide variety of ailments.

It is generally accepted that facial and cranial trauma, which should include birth trauma, leads to dysfunction of the brain and related systems.  We send our children out into life injured by birth trauma, untreated, with disabilities already planted in their lives.  Some of these disabilities are manifested early in life and others much later.  These treatments are widely recognized and essential for these deformities.

For additional information on how one of these NCRP procedures can help you, or to make an appointment:

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